2020 Volkswagen Golf: Particulars on the debut of the eighth-generation hatchback from Wolfsburg

2020 Volkswagen Golf: Particulars on the debut of the eighth-generation hatchback from Wolfsburg

It looks like the existing VW Golf debuted recently — the model has become available for purchase since 2012 — but Volkswagen is definitely planning for the start creation of its successor. The automaker said that manufacture of the eighth-generation Golf commences in June 2019, just 75 weeks away, plus dropped one or two hints with what the next iteration of that popular hatch will give you for the Golf 8 Supplier Summit, which created 120 key manufacturers of components to the upcoming model.

The next-gen Golf depends upon an evolution within the MQB platform, and it’ll come with a drastically new interior decorating. VW design boss Klaus Bischoff indicated in recent weeks that this new Golf will include a completely rethought cabin, by using a fully digital instrument panel along with digital features crowding out analog components.

When you are considering powertrains, Volkswagen promises to incorporate mild-hybrid software in the gasoline engine range, aiming to achieve diesel-like fuel efficiency with electrification, along with engine-off coasting and cylinder-shutdown technology previewed within the 1.5 TSI Bluemotion sort of the current Golf. This doesn't signify all gasoline-engined Golfs will feature mild-hybrid assist, but we're expecting that at the very least some of the models will give you this program.

The powertrain option the next Golf is not planning to offer will be the e-Golf — this model predicted to disappear as VW is targeted on the I.D. lineup, that is nothing but electric vehicles. Anticipate seeing an all-new hatchback sometime after 2019 that can purchase the function on the four-door electric hatch; this ought to be the primary in the I.D. models.

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When you’re looking at exterior design, anticipate seeing an evolution within the sharper details that VW has given its most current models, for example the Arteon. We're expecting the eighth-generation Golf to trade its large headlights for narrower units also to have a more in depth grille dominated by repeating lines of horizontal type. Wolfsburg has opted to learn it safe while using 2019 Jetta. Unveiled recently, it features a relatively wide grille and tall headlights. It remains to be seen how much of a design risk VW would like to adopt with the new Golf model, but recent VW passenger cars were fairly restrained.

In the playing field of safety technology, anticipate seeing an evolution in the advanced driver-assist tech that Volkswagen has offered within the current models, for example the Traffic Jam Assist system that already controls most operating functions under 37 mph. VW will probably take this a step further, offering a semi-autonomous package that can control steering, braking, and acceleration at higher speeds, likely within the stage of Level 3 autonomy.

Advanced safety and driver-assist tech entails connectivity, also in this regard, VW has promised shocking and an always-online approach.

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"The following Golf can take Volkswagen in the era of fully connected vehicles with extended autonomous driving functions," said Karlheinz Hell, head of your compact series group at Volkswagen. "It sports more software on side than before. It usually is on the internet its digital cockpit and assistance systems is definitely the benchmark with regards to connectivity and safety."

When will we view the 2020 Golf during the metal? The eighth-gen model may debut for the 2019 Frankfurt motor show.

"Alongside the I.D family, the creation of the upcoming Golf generation is the most strategically important product launch with the brand," said VW board member for procurement Ralf Brandstatter.

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