Could the Alfa Romeo 6C name return? You will find there’s V6 it would use…

Could the Alfa Romeo 6C name return? You will find there’s V6 it would use…

Whispers on the new Alfa Romeo coupe wearing a legendary nameplate? We’re all ears. Autocar reports which the Italian automaker is toiling away on the new 6C — understanding that this sort of car will be a coupe positioned between your 4C additionally, the Giulia.

The source listed here is a small amount unusual: The heads-up comes thanks to German tuning company Pogea Racing, which claims it truly is included in the roll-out of your car. That’s fairly scant evidence at the same time far as rumors and insinuations go, and naturally FCA provided us with no home elevators the upcoming model when we asked (not really we expected an outright confirmation or denial).

But there are various of top reasons to believe that this sort of car might be within the works — understanding that whatever it’s ultimately called, and whatever it appears as though, it’s going to be a front-engine rear-wheel-drive coupe.

For one, Alfa spent time and effort and your money developing its Giorgio platform, which currently underpins the Giulia, the Stelvio SUV … and that’s it. Even though it may eventually continue to goods like the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger/Challenger, that’s a ways off. Plunking another Alfa model documented on surface of those excellent bones is practical — why neglected underutilized while waiting ages correctly to migrate into the other FCA lineup?

Second, we heard rumors of an Giulia coupe awhile back, nonetheless they never amounted to anything. That will happen to be for the greatest. Giving a two-door car a reputation and identity dissimilar to the sedan should you choose: The Giulia is fighting for name recognition in a crowded market as it would be, plus it doesn’t have to have a Giulia Duoporta (or whatever) competing for attention.

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Separating the hypothetical 6C within the Giulia might let it go an alternative direction stylistically, too; we’re fans from the Giulia’s looks, but it’s an exceptionally well-executed three-box sedan at its core. A 6C could be a little wilder — maybe between the 4C additionally, the Giulia. The limited-production 8C, while behind the days concerning Alfa design language, is really an indication of where the company might go when it comes to long-hood-short-deck lines.

Finally, we choose to believe this rumor. The 6C is a legendary vehicle; initially manufactured from 1927 to 1954, which has a wartime intermission in the center of that span, it performed admirably to be a race car and wore numerous beautiful open and closed bodies from the best carrozzerias too. The brand new car would trade the classic straight-six with the 2.9-liter turbocharged V6, but according to our quantity of the Giulia Quadrifoglio, we’re quite okay your.

Only another thing, Alfa: Please give us a manual.


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