These best things Brad Keselowski said while in the Media Tour

These best things Brad Keselowski said while in the Media Tour

Brad Keselowski was approximately Half an hour late for his scheduled media session on Wednesday afternoon in the NASCAR Media Tour even so it was naturally worthy of wait.

Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick had generated by far the most headlines on Monday with critical comments provided to NASCAR in the promotion of younger drivers along with the Cup Series schedule, respectively.

"Has anyone said anything today as controversial as Kyle and Kevin," Keselowski asked.


"Everyone need something which provides some clicks," Keselowski said.

And next the 2012 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion proceeded to talk about some things that will almost certainly achieve that. The fundamental question was for Keselowski to essentially name one thing he wishes he could change around the sport overall.

His response was essentially a dig at Chairman and CEO Brian France.

"Generally if i could make one change it out would be that the leader of your sport is a the track every weekend — that will be my change."

This the type of complaint about France, with retired three-time champion Tony Stewart specifically accusing the chairman of becoming absent during key meetings relating to the driver’s council, team owners plus the sanctioning body.

But France replied they would not must be on the track obtain as they provides a selection of lieutenants in charge of competition, marketing and communications. But that’s not good enough for Keselowski.

"It is vital for almost any company that relies so heavily on outside partners to experience a direct interface," Keselowski said. "This is often this kind of big ship with the much occurring week-to-week. With a few respect, We would state that it can be impossible to your sport to be managed with someone being here once a week because the travel situations being what they’re as well as other things which come about.

"I understand that. But at some level you’ll need to be here."


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On the schedule debate, Keselowski said he agreed many different of the items Harvick said afternoon. The short sort of his argument was that NASCAR was required to create more memorable events by rotating the championship race to several venues each season.

Harvick essentially believes the Cup Series schedule happens to be redundant with simply a number of new events having been introduced during the last 20 seasons.

Keselowski agreed.

"There are plenty of things I must see different with the schedule and i believe Kevin (Harvick) to his credit addressed some of them yesterday and did a superb job with that," he was quoted saying. "Yeah, I really do find that honestly we ought to race more with a shorter life span.

"When we raced twice per week during the warm months months particularly when the next wind storm is fantastic and children are from school, it could be a good opportunity."

Taking those comments a step further, Keselowski believes NASCAR is required to schedule an event at the time pursuing the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. That Wednesday is the slowest day throughout sports with which has no events over the national schedule.

"You may have that MLB All-Star break earning you money it’s essentially weekly with virtually no activity which think is usually a tremendous miss for people not capitalizing on that week of sports basically being dormant," Keselowski said. "On the bright side of their, you cannot find any reason over the internet for people like us to compete usually when using the NFL within the fall months. I’d like to see our schedule condensed time wise, whether or not it meant we ran more races.

"I’m sure that is very healthy for folks."


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In reference to the notion that Ford can be unable to compete against Toyota this coming year, Keselowski will soften that stance if NASCAR’s new Hawkeye inspection system levels the stage to the degree advertised with the Sanctioning Body.

"I feel the # 1 consideration in my opinion is seeing what goes on while using the Hawkeye system," Keselowski said. "That’ll be the determining factor on which manufacturer works this coming year. If ever the Hawkeye system also comes in working fully, I think we will have a very level playing field in 2019 and we will have the ability to winning."



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