This Bugatti EB110-based supercar is finally nearing production, nonetheless it doesn’t look like a Bugatti

This Bugatti EB110-based supercar is finally nearing production, nonetheless it doesn’t look like a Bugatti

The Bugatti EB110 is coming back, yet not in the way you feel. A us outfit called Casil Motors has partnered with Modena-based B Engineering, which services EB110s these days, to generate "the final analog supercar" depending on Bugatti-produced EB110 chassis and operated by a 720-hp 3.8-liter V12.

The basis of this effort stands out as the original EB110's carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, a number of of bought in Bugatti when EB110 production ground to some halt. Casil and B Engineering will clothe your vehicle having a newer exterior but otherwise stick nearby the specs within the now-old Bugatti, using a volume of updates throughout. The typical commitment of the project would be to offer an EB110 experience to those who left out the first time around, with some updates in some places. 

If this project heard this before, it's because B Engineering tried this once before: The organization envisioned a run of 21 supercars referred to as Edonis based on leftover EB110 hardware in years past, although the project stalled ahead of time. Casil Motors and B Engineering at the moment are back with plans (and cash) to finally put those leftover EB110 parts to work with, offering buyers either two exterior designs and a lot of interior customization.


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The stated performance specs — probably the main draw here — are 3.4-second sprints from 0-60 mph and top speeds of 220 mph, accomplished with technology that's mostly Quarter of a century old. Instead of all-wheel drive, the Edonis is going to be rear-wheel drive, so that the driving experience won't all be apples to apples.

If you're in the market for an issue that is mostly an EB110 underneath and packs a 3.8-liter V12, the price tag on entry these times are going to be about $850,000. Casil Motors and B Engineering arrange to produce just 15 a example of the Edonis.

Actual EB110s, if you're wondering, trade hands approximately $600,000, up from about $300,000 not many years ago. We expect we know which car would have an improved investment potential, but there's and also draw of having the ability to hoon a V12 supercar without having to worry about its investment potential.


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