4 Signs Your Car's A/C Wants a Checkup

4 Signs Your Car's A/C Wants a Checkup

Few issues impact driving comfort nearly unreliable car air con within the summer. Concerned that the A/C may very well be setting you up for your sweaty ride? Car A/C not blowing cold? Give your various senses help decide if an A/C check-up would help.

1. Touch: Warm, weak air

Enjoy holding an ice-cold glass of lemonade for a hot summer day? Take this same a sense of touch to gauge your A/C’s health. Flip on your A/C and hold a hand approximately the nearest vent. How long can it accept the air for getting cold? Is a air blowing at the low volume? When the air is cold but barely seeping out, you could be managing faulty air-duct system. In the event the air takes more than normal for getting cold (generally longer than 5-10 minutes) you can have an A/C refrigerant leak. Low airflow or hot air, it’s here we are at a checkup!

2. Smell: Stinky, musty air

Once your A/C is running, please take a whiff. Can it smell musty? Or (more serious) like sweaty feet? Unless you left your gym bag in the car overnight, that stench may be a tell-tale symptom of bacteria growing during the vents and A/C evaporator. Components of your car’s A/C system include dark and damp environments-a perfect laboratory for stinky conditions. While it’s tempting to try and conceal the smell with air freshener, think hard. Want to be breathing air that was tell you a tunnel of bacteria? That’s doubtful. Time for a checkup!

3. Hearing: Squealing, buzzing, or clicking sounds

Shh. Would you hear any squealing, buzzing or clicking noises after activating your A/C? You’re not hearing cicadas, crickets, or birds. These sounds might suggest difficulties with the serpentine belt (squealing), an overcharged system (buzzing) and/or loose products (clicking). Should your experience of hearing sees one example of these sounds as opposed to that relating to summer, you should visit for that check-up.

4. Sight: A leaking compressor hose

This sign would be the toughest to see considering that it involves under-the-hood components. Chance . know-how, confirm the hose running upward from your compressor. It has to be free of any “muck” or discharge. Whether it isn’t, which may be refrigerant oil, indicating a leak that’s hurting the strength of your A/C system. If you’re not so informed about your car’s under-the-hood hoses, tubes, and doodads, bring it set for an A/C checkup or full vehicle inspection.

Let Tires Plus solve your A/C troubles

A cool scoop of soft serve ice cream, an outdoor barbecue, a tall glass of lemonade while using the kids! These are all of the summer tastes you risk losing when you try and solve A/C problems all on your own. Let Tires Plus attain the bottom of your A/C troubles to help you to not spend as much time sweating and a lot more time enjoying everything summer time is offering. Our trusted technicians will work a visual inspection of your A/C, conduct performance tests, look for leaks to access the basis to your A/C problems. Schedule an appointment online or visit your nearest Tires Plus for any A/C service and repair today. We’ll allow you to get back on the road asap when getting returning to what you may enjoy most!


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