7 Steps to securely Jumpstart a defunct Car Battery

7 Steps to securely Jumpstart a defunct Car Battery

Time to battle the day! You rush for a trusty vehicle and crank the ignition, only to be answered together with the dreaded “click.” Your car’s battery is dead therefore you ought to revive it: FAST. Luckily, you have this web site post on your side! Please read on to educate yourself how to safely, and quickly, jumpstart a battery to get back along.


What you may need:

  • Rust-free jumper cables which are not frayed or damaged.
  • Car using a working battery option same voltage since the car being jumped. (Most automotive batteries measure 12.6 volts or above. In the event you drive a singular vehicle though, similar to an RV or maybe a heavy-duty truck, speak with your owner’s manual before giving or finding a jump. You or another vehicle could end on the top of charging problems including a shortened battery life when your batteries have different voltages.)
  • Rubber gloves and safety goggles are recommended.
  • Rag, paper towel, or wire brush to clean battery terminals.

Safety tricks to keep in mind:

  • DON’T attempt a jump should the battery seems broken, leaking, or cracked.
  • DON’T allow cables touch at any time; this may result in sparking.
  • DON’T smoke near your vehicle.
  • DON’T lean on electric battery of either car.
  • DON’T jumpstart a battery if there is an occasion its fluids are frozen. This may cause seven people.


We just mentioned lots of “don’ts,” but there’s one big “do” that many of us can’t forget. Before you’ll attempt a jumpstart, DO investigate the vehicle’s manual to make sure you’re doing what’s perfect for your particular make and model. Some cars don’t be jumpstarting by any means and completing this task may void a manufacturer’s warranty!

  1. Equip yourself when using the recommended safety gear (gloves and goggles). Unplug any accessories (similar to a phone charger) and turn from the headlights, radio, and then any light signals (including hazard lights).
  2. Get the 2 main cars close together, though not so close them to touch. Engage the parking brake both in vehicles and shift them into “Park” or “Neutral.” Disconnected the ignition inside.
  3. Next, clean electric battery before hooking things up. Locate each metal terminals on top of your car battery. Having a rag, paper towel, or wire brush, clean terminals of debris and dirt.
  4. Now, attach the cables from the proper order:
    • Attach one of many red clips to your positive terminal within the dead battery. The terminal may say “POS” or “+”.
    • Attach another red clip towards positive terminal within the WORKING car’s battery.
    • While still in the WORKING car’s battery, attach considered one of black clips to your negative terminal. The terminal might be labeled “NEG” or “-“.
    • The last black cable should really be that come with an unpainted metal surface as faraway from the dead battery as you can. This is certainly to ground the circuit and get away from sparking.
  5. Time for your “jump!” If you find yourself sure the cables are properly connected, run the functional vehicle’s engine for some minutes and start the dead vehicle. In the event it doesn’t start, make sure your connections are correct and run to get another a few moments.
  6. Once your battery has been brought back one’s, keep your engine running. Get rid of cables within the reverse order for you to placed them: negatives (black) first then positives (red).
  7. Drive your car for around 15-30 minutes to be certain your battery charges. If your car won’t start when you’re taking out for that spin, electric battery probably isn’t holding a cost and being replaced.


After you jump your car’s battery, see your nearest Tires Plus place for a complimentary battery check! Our technicians will assist you to can see this your battery sometimes have died to begin with then when carry out so again. And in case you understand it’s been a long time as you’re had your battery replaced, try our battery selector to discover a new car battery, purchase a quote, and up a setting up appointment-all in a single. PLUS (because we’re Tires PLUS, right?) currently special internet-only pricing for car batteries, so you’re sure to obtain a great price!


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