How to prevent a dieing Car Battery in the winter months Car Care Blog

How to prevent a dieing Car Battery in the winter months Car Care Blog

With freezing temperatures thus many gray days, it’s no wonder we very often feel sleepy and sluggish during this time period of year. Did you know your automobile battery experiences such like in frigid weather? When the temperature drops, it might are more difficult for your battery to consume enough energy to start the car. Thankfully, there’s a number of actions you can take to make sure you do not get stranded by using a dead car battery during winter!

Check age of your battery

How old will be your car battery? In the event your battery is over the age of 4 or 5 years of age, it may be nearing get rid of its life. Your battery is a lot like the guts within your vehicle, exactly why would someone risk it? Know it’s age and have it replaced when it’s “stumbling out of bed there” in years. The date your battery was shipped from the manufacturer is commonly stamped or engraved topside or side on the battery, dependant upon the manufacturer. Find a letter and a digit, using the letter indicating the month the auto battery was manufactured along with the digit indicating all seasons it was actually manufactured. As an example, if your battery said, “D13,” it turned out shipped in April 2013 as well as being about three years of age.

Clean off corrosion surrounding the terminals

Turn journey car, pop the hood, and check out your battery. Can you see any white powder across the terminals? That’s corrosion, which increases electrical resistance and makes your battery work much harder of computer needs to. You should utilize basic household items to clean up off and prevent corrosion. Just browse the step-by-step guide from Cars Direct! However, if you’d prefer not to handle it yourself, bring your truck by the local Tires Plus for any Battery Terminal Cleaning Service and Corrosion Protection Package.

Install a battery pack blanket

You’re only one individual who appreciates a hot blanket using a cold day! Buy an battery pack blanket to insulate your battery when temperatures begin to dip. It helps prevent your battery’s fluid from freezing and help your car roar our health at a cold morning. You could find battery blankets approximately $20 to $50 online or at your local auto parts store. Battery blankets are simple to install for need the usage of your neighborhood electrical socket. Just use it, wrap the blanket around your battery, and it’ll thank you so much


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