The right way to Clean Hazy Headlights – Fast! Total Car Care

The right way to Clean Hazy Headlights – Fast! Total Car Care

Imagine driving your sons or daughters home from practice because the sun sets. A few minutes it is just a beautiful painting of colours and subsequently, darkness cloaks the roads. No biggie, you’ve got headlights for your. Only if they flip on, they’re a faint glow, forcing anyone to squint as you drive home. It’s not only frustrating, nevertheless it’s unsafe.

Unfortunately, this issue happens more often than not due to dirty, foggy headlights. Most headlights that you can buy use halogen bulbs behind a big polycarbonate plastic reflector. While one that is immune to chips and cracking, over time, Ultra violet rays with the sun degrade the plastic, while small particles flying up within the road create small scratches and dings. Subsequently, you can get the hazy headlight look this is not the best choice for driving at nighttime.

Fortunately, you could remedy a repair! As opposed to doling out your hard-earned dough for that fancy cleaning kit, you can use a product that’s in your own unique house…space to generally be exact. Toothpaste is effective to completely clean dirty headlights because it is a light abrasive, polishing away the haze and submitting tiny scratches and scrapes.

Cleaning Headlights with Toothpaste


  • Regular toothpaste with sodium bicarbonate – skip the kind with cooling beads much more may scratch your lights further
  • An old towel or rag
  • Toothbrush
  • Water to rinse with
  • Sponge

Step 1: Begin by squeezing a quarter-sized dab of toothpaste upon your rag.

Step 2:?Using your rag, apply a light layer of toothpaste towards headlight.

Step 3: Leave for 15 minutes

Step 4: With your toothbrush, scrub in small circles. Instantly you can start to find out dirt and grime seem, but include a little extra hard work to have those lights to essentially shine.

Step 5:?Rinse the remaining toothpaste off with water and dry together with your sponge.

To observe it’s done, discover the shocking truth below:


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