How you can: Make a No-Sew Excursion Pillow Total Car Care

How you can: Make a No-Sew Excursion Pillow Total Car Care

Family road trips are full of a trunk-full of luggage, coolers of snacks, adventures, and children that simply can’t drop off. That is definitely, if you can’t let them have something cozy to rely on. At Tires Plus, we have now not only basic car tricks for your car journeys across the nation. This is why we’ve created this fun DIY no-sew seat belt pillow you possibly can make with all your kids in planning for any vacation ahead.


  • Velcro Strip
  • Fabric Glue
  • Fleece Fabric C 2 items of 12″ x 26″
  • Batting or Pillow Stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Step 1:
Cut out two waste 12″ by 26″ fleece or soft fabric, having a ruler to make certain your measurements are correct.

Step 2:
Should your fabric has a softer side or even a pattern that you would like to display, be sure to use it the right way within this step. With regards to explaining, we’ll call it the “fun side”. Take both pieces of fabric current fun sides facing inward towards the other, glue the edges of both long sides and something on the short sides with fabric glue. This can leave one of many short edges as an opening.

Step 3:
Wait for the glue absolutely dry. Flip the pillowcase inside-out and so the fun side is facing outwards.

Step 4:
Cut 3-inch long and 1-inch wide slits along the one remaining side that is not glued shut.

Step 5:
Stuff the pillow case with batting or pillow stuffing over the open end.

Step 6:
When you’ve sufficiently stuffed your pillow, match each slit featuring its corresponding slit below. Double knot and tie each list of slits together, before the stuffing materials are secured inside.

Step 7:
Attach your velcro strips on the long fringe of one for whites with the pillow, about 10 inches apart. Be certain the reds is really a hook and something side is often a loop so that they will fasten when placed together.

Step 8:
Wrap your pillow across the seat belt and fasten together with the velcro strips.

Let your toddlers get to sleep to dreamland peacefully on the backseat with this particular DIY seat belt pillow. Be sure that you look manual before attaching the criminals to child car seats or boosters to ensure you don’t void any warranties.

Get your automobile inspected just before off against your next family trip. You should visit your local Tires Plus Total Car Care, or look at our the modern tire and auto service coupons.


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