The way to: Create a Car Sun Visor Extender Car Care Blog

The way to: Create a Car Sun Visor Extender Car Care Blog

Gone are the months of dark winter nights also in their place are warm, summer days packed with seemingly endless light. Night gives solution to day, as well as afternoon baseball games, grassy picnics, and trips across the country with your family and friends.

However, the identical sunshine that illuminates our days may also start a glare, so that it is tough to see while on the path. This glare gets especially pronounced around sunrise and sunset. And even while most cars come built with a sun visor, frequently it’s actually not quite for enough time to stop everything out…but we’ve a resolution! Complete a DIY car sun visor extender by following these basic steps. When you might better view the road during extra sunny hours, that you can do a more satisfactory job of maintaining your family safe!


  • 1.5″ Wide Elastic Band
  • Sticky Back Velcro Strip
  • Craft Ply – ? inch thick (can substitute any sturdy material, like scrap cardboard)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paint & Brushes (optional)

Step 1:
Using scissors, cut two parts of elastic band which have been each long enough to wrap around your vehicle’s visor vertically, that has a couple extra inches added for overlap.

Step 2:
Having a couple of velcro, attach the hook side to 1 end of your respective precut elastic tie as well as loop side to another end. When fastened, your band can be a circular loop. Repeat around the second elastic band.

Step 3:
Decide how much extended coverage you’d like to supplment your car’s visor and make the grade beyond a sturdy, light-blocking material. We used a 12″ long, precut section of plywood. However, without having plywood around, you can use a different opaque material, for instance cardboard. Make sure there may be enough room to secure the board to the visor, or even to filter the sunshine.

Step 4 (optional):
Paint your visor extender one that you picked and let dry. When your children are helping, permit them to add another touch with a bit of in their favorite stickers, sparkles or rhinestones.

Step 5:
Fasten the elastic bands around your car’s visor vertically, connecting them with all the velcro at most end. Leave a certain amount of space between each loop on the visor panel.

Step 6:
Slide your extender board in the bands in your vehicle’s visor and alter to necessary length. With respect to the strength on the sun, you’ll be able to slide the extender in or out as you can see fit.

Whether you’re heading to the food store or across the nation, there’s no more need to worry with regards to the sun within your eyes. Evidently this DIY visor will be glare, there are a few other steps to protect yourself from the shining sun while driving. Maintain windshield clean, buy a list of polarized sunglasses, and gaze after a sizeable distance between your car and various drivers.

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